Great People Build Great Companies

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Business Development, Corporate Development & Go To Market

Providing value-added services in the areas of outbound company growth, we use our set of industry veterans to expand the reach, network and provide domain and subject matter expertise.

Team Building

BVA is configured to manage the complexity inherent in the most difficult elements of growing and scaling a company --team building. While these searches have lots of moving parts, this plays to our strengths -- domain, functional, technological and operational experience. 

We are long term hiring managers our selves, and founders of CoMEET, an innovative SaaS-based collaboration hiring platform that enables us to offer a full spectrum of search capabilities


Fundraising & Venture Capital

Through 2021 BVA and the BVA Investor Network have participated in investments in over 60 companies and has achieved 25+ liquidity events, as well as providing Advisory and Board and Incubation services.


Incubator & EIR

To be successful, an incubator must not only provide physical space and seed money to entrepreneurs but more importantly the ability to mentor, advise, and connect.


The BVA Incubator provides the contacts for critical services, including due diligence, early adopters, customers, and access to Seed and A-Round funding and intros to the right professional Venture Capital.