Team Building

BVA engages in two main forms of recruiting - Executive Search and Comeet Elastic Recruiting.


We also offer consulting services to teach your company how to be a more effective recruiter.

You can trust in BVA to deliver you the best candidates for your most significant roles.

Executive Search
Comeet Elastic Recruiting

Over the past 25 years, BVA has successfully placed hundreds of executives - CEO, COO, CFO, CxO, presidents, vice presidents, board of director and advisory board members.


Performed correctly, this is a high-touch style of recruiting. Since the team members from BVA working with the executives are all former executives themselves, the level of conversation with the candidates is peer-to-peer, more open, and more productive.​


BVA has long been an expert in Retained Search, the most commonly used recruiting model for executive searches.


Historically, employers have viewed this high-touch style of recruiting to be too expensive to use for non-executive searches. BVA together with its portfolio company Comeet, has changed all that with its introduction of a new, disruptive recruiting model, Elastic Recruiting. This new model is changing how mid-level recruiting (manager, director, and vice president levels) gets done.