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BVA Welcomes Greg Goelz - Operating Partner for Team Building

At BVA our mission is to help great people build great companies.

BVA continues to expand and extend our practice to support that mission, building on our historical strengths in the areas of team building, advisory, and fundraising. As such, it’s great to welcome Greg Goelz to the BVA team heading the Team Building and Recruiting practice - he brings a wealth of global experiences building great teams for market leadership and is willing, ready and able to share his capabilities.

BVA has known Greg personally and professionally for over 20 years, and now he officially joins BVA as an Operating Partner focused on Team Building and will be working closely with our existing expert resources to ‘fill the gap’ for rapidly growing companies.

Greg's diverse experiences and insights allow him to effectively help businesses attract the best talent to build the best teams. In this highly competitive environment for the best talent, having the experience of hiring hundreds of high caliber people is essential to growth and success.

As an experienced executive and entrepreneur (CEO, GM, Board Member, Mentor), Greg can identify the key characteristics in candidates to make new team additions successful for your needs. A highly successful career in multiple new markets with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, finding the right fit for emerging companies with the ability to scale is essential.

If you want your team to hire the best talent available and to maximize your chance for success, please reach out and we’ll be happy to have an open conversation to determine if we’re the best resource for you.

Greg can be reached at

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