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Celebrating a BVA Portfolio Company: Comeet Merges with Spark Hire

It is with great excitement that BVA shares in the announcement of Comeet's merger with Spark Hire, a groundbreaking move in the evolution of talent acquisition. 

This strategic alliance continues the end to end recruitment cycle for Comeet’s users. Customers will experience streamlined and accelerated hiring with the integration of video interviewing and ATS. The merger facilitates automated workflows, allowing candidates to record interviews at their convenience through asynchronous interviewing, eliminating scheduling constraints. This enhancement ensures an equitable screening process, enabling the entire hiring team to thoroughly evaluate candidates.

Anticipating the synergies to unfold from the combination of Comeet and Spark Hire's technologies, we believe this merger will not only benefit our fellow investors but also have a positive impact on employees, customers, and partners.

At BVA, we have witnessed Comeet's remarkable journey since our initial investment. Collaborating with Omer Tadjer and Tommy Dikerman has been a pleasure, and we are confident that the merger with Spark Hire will unlock new dimensions of success.


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