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Portfolio Company News: Bitfusion Enabling Network Attached GPUs at Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando

Bitfusion FlexDirect on Cisco’s HyperFlex offers a seamless way for any VM to access any arbitrary fraction of GPU or multiple GPUs across the organization, anytime.

Bitfusion is excited to partner with Cisco and support Cisco HyperFlex and UCS systems with FlexDirect to enable network attached GPUs on HyperFlex.

Now with Bitfusion, any UCS or HyperFlex installed base can be upgraded to Elastic GPU infrastructure, by simply attaching GPUs over Ethernet.

Just like CPU compute, storage and networking, GPUs can also now be disaggregated and virtualized with Bitfusion FlexDirect on Cisco HyperFlex. GPU accelerators can be partitioned into multiple virtual GPUs of any size that can be accessed remotely by VMs, over the network. With FlexDirect, GPU accelerators can be now be part of a common infrastructure resource pool and be available for use by any VM in the Cisco HyperFlex environment to enable efficient resource sharing of GPUs across organizations and applications. The same economics of the HX Data Platform now can be extended to GPUs with Bitfusion FlexDirect on HyperFlex.

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