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Portfolio Company News: NGCodec Closes Series A & Demos Advanced 5G Applications at CES 2018

NGCodec creates algorithms, silicon logic and FPGA implementations for cloud video processing,

powering the next generation of real-time media experiences.

The company’s RealityCodec technology streams interactive and real-time media at the highest performance levels. The company is announcing the completion of its most recent financing round of $8M bringing the total invested to date to $15.9M. The company’s family of investors includes Belmore Capital, Xilinx and the National Science Foundation.

At CES 2018 this week, NGCodec, announced the availability of broadcast quality H.265/HEVC for real-time streaming in the Amazon AWS Marketplace and ultra low latency H.265/HEVC for interactive virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). Streaming content from the cloud will activate the first billion users in VR by effectively transforming smartphones into high performance VR/MR clients. Broadcast quality video encoding will allow broadcasters to stream live events to millions of viewers with the same visual quality (VQ) as video on demand (VOD).

The availability of the NGCodec H.265/HEVC encoder, followed in 2018 by support for the new Alliance for Open Media (AOM) AV1 Codec will provide the highest quality video encoding technology for real-time, interactive entertainment powered by scalable cloud infrastructures. Today’s high-speed fiber optic and emerging 5G wireless technology will deliver these experiences to users everywhere.

For more info: https://ngcodec.com/news/2018/1/2/ngcodec-closes-8m-series-a-launches-live-broadcast-h265hevc-cloud-video-encoding-and-demonstrates-cloud-vr