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Portfolio Company News: Bitfusion Announces Deep Learning Support on Xilinx FPGAs

Bitfusion announced today at AI World that Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can deploy deep

learning workspaces and inference on AWS F1 FPGA instances with Bitfusion Flex.

Bitfusion Flex, the world’s most advanced infrastructure management platform for AI, adds support for FPGA deep learning inference on AWS F1 instances Bitfusion Flex now includes everything one needs to manage AI infrastructure as well as develop, train and deploy deep learning applications across CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs. Developers and data scientists can develop and train their deep learning models on AWS directly from their laptop as well as deploy inference to Xilinx FPGAs on AWS and scale them without knowing the details of FPGA programming or AWS infrastructure provisioning.

“The momentum behind FPGA acceleration in the cloud is prevalent across many important applications like data analytics, genomics, video processing, and machine learning,” said Andy Walsh, senior director of strategic market development at Xilinx. “Bitfusion Flex will play an important role in enabling developers to infuse machine learning capabilities into cloud-based applications using Xilinx FPGA acceleration.”

AWS customers can go to http://www.bitfusion.io/aws to find out more about Bitfusion Flex on AWS.