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Welcome to BVA Chris Robertson - DevOps/IT Operating Partner

Its great to have Chris Robertson join the BVA team heading the DevOps & IT consulting practice - he brings a ton of real world, from the trenches knowledge and experience to the table, and is willing, ready and able to share his capabilities.

Chris joins BVA as an Operating Partner focused on DevOps, including Cloud migrations, IT Security, and production systems at scale for a variety of applications (primarily AI/ML, SaaS, and Big Data.)

We believe that a great consultant should not be focused on how to “extract maximum revenue” from a customer but instead working everyday to ensure that a client is setup to succeed well past the engagement. This means not only delivering on the strict SOW but also acting as a mentor-like resource such that teams are empowered to succeed on an ongoing basis.

This ethos can seem a bit contradictory, but at BVA the paycheck is not the core motivation. Rather our goal is to help our clients build great companies, which often means getting down and dirty in the roughest spots every company faces. With the addition of DevOps as a core competency at BVA this allows us to help clients address challenges across a wider spectrum.

If your team is facing challenges around building your company at any stage or function, including DevOps, team building, or go to market, please reach out and we’ll be happy to have an open conversation to determine if we’re the best resource for you.

You can contact Chris at chris@bva.com