Great People Build Great Companies


BVA was founded in 1992 based on the concept of combining advisory, C-level consulting and investment capabilities under one roof.

Our motivation is partnering in the ongoing growth and success of our companies.

Through 2021 BVA has invested in 60+ companies with more than 25 liquidity events, completed more than 200 C-level consulting engagements and actively manages a successful incubator.

Combining Venture Capital, Deep Tech Consulting,  and Team Building
The Team


With general management experience, diverse backgrounds, huge networks, and domain expertise, our Operating Partners & Advisor can manage the complexity inherent in the most challenging engagements. 

We uniquely utilize "Tiger Teams" - optimally formed to help build great companies.

Our Projects

We have the privilege to work with outstanding founders & teams across a variety of markets, in a number of roles - from earliest concept, to initial customer traction, fundraising, to full exits.

Featured News and Updates

Industry news including portfolio company news, new projects, partner updates, thought leadership, conferences, networking successes and other stories.