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BVA Welcomes Greg Goelz - Operating Partner for Team Building

At BVA our mission is to help great people build great companies. BVA continues to expand and extend our practice to support that mission, building on our historical strengths in the areas of team building, advisory, and fundraising. As such, it’s great to welcome Greg Goelz to the BVA team heading the Team Building and Recruiting practice - he brings a wealth of global experiences building great teams for market leadership and is willing, ready and able to share his capabilities. BVA has known Greg personally and professionally for over 20 years, and now he officially joins BVA as an Operating Partner focused on Team Building and will be working closely with our existing expert resources to

Portfolio Company News: Blade

Blade was born in 2015 with an ambitious vision: To create a computer free of constraints. Blade placed all the processing power in data centers and took advantage of high-speed internet to end obsolescence and immobility, all thanks to Shadow. Shadow is a super powerful Windows 10 PC, accessible anywhere, from any device connected to the internet. It guarantees the optimal experience, without any lag, any failures and no need to replace expensive computer parts. After raising more than €60 million from private investors in 2 years, Blade officially launched Shadow in France in November 2017 and expanded to launch in the USA in August 2018 by adding west and east coast data centers and new o

Portfolio Company News: Triple Ring Technologies welcomes Jeff Sirek, Global VP of Sales and Marketi

Triple Ring is a leading research and development firm that, together with their clients, solves critical, often complex technical challenges, working across the development process in medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, life science tools, and imaging systems. TRT partners with clients to deliver breakthrough solutions in a wide array of life sciences and medical diagnostic systems. Triple Ring has incubated 20 companies, completed 508 projects, and served 201 clients and we just closed funding to expand our services and continue to grow. BVA has teamed with the CEO to build an outstanding team and pursue alternative funding strategies to continue on their successful trajectory and is t

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