DEVOPS &  IT Consulting

Let us work with you to accelerate and optimize your software delivery chain

BVA engineers will work with you to adapt your development and operations culture to an agile methodology across your organization.

Free up your engineers to focus on what they’re experts in, we have experts available in running complex environment in the cloud and on-premise, migrating systems to (and from) the cloud, optimizing software delivery and management, and securing environments according to common standards (HIPAA/HiTech, SOC2, ISO 270001, FedRAMP, and others). And when we’re done we’ll have made sure you have the right team, processes, procedures, with the right tools, for your ongoing success.

Executive Vision

One size does not fit all. We can help senior leadership understand what pieces of the DevOps methodologies will be most effective in your environment for your specific needs.

Interim Leadership

Often as a company is embarking down the DevOps path, or undergoing a transition period, it’s not readily apparent the exact skill set and personality type that will be needed to succeed long term. In these cases, BVA team members can step in on an interim basis and help guide the process “from the inside.”

Cloud Migrations

BVA engineers have moved thousands of servers from on-premise data centers to AWS, Azure, Google, and other cloud provider infrastructure. We’ve also moved nearly as many from cloud environments to on-premise or customer run cloud environments. Regardless on-premise to the cloud, from your cloud to a customer's cloud, or from the cloud to on-premise datacenters our engineers have been there and done that.

Configuration Management

BVA engineers have been dealing with large-scale systems configuration automation long before it became popular, and we haven’t stopped beating that drum to this day. Regardless if your infrastructure is Unix, Linux, or Windows based our engineers have designed, and more importantly implemented, large-scale configuration management systems on those environments.

Infrastructure Services

100,000+ req/sec? Global traffic shaping? Large-scale real-time data processing? Multi-Petabyte scale big data? You guessed it, BVA engineers have done all of it across a variety industries including Entertainment, Finance, Consumer Technology, VR/AR, and AI/ML.

Team Building

Founded 25 years ago as an executive recruiting agency, we still have that deep in our DNA and bring the same level of professionalism to filling our your DevOps team as we bring to placing CEOs. Let your team focus on their core responsibilities and let BVA engineers deal with the candidate assessment for you. We’ll give you candidates that have already “gone through the wringer” with BVA’s internal assessment. This means less time lost to round after round of technical interviews and more time spent on more productive work.

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