Tailored Recruiting

BVA has long been an expert in Retained Search, the most commonly used recruiting model for executive searches.


Historically, employers have viewed this high-touch style of recruiting to be too expensive to use for non-executive searches. BVA has changed all that with its introduction of a new, disruptive recruiting model, Tailored Recruiting. This new model is changing how mid-level recruiting (manager, director, and vice president levels) gets done.


The value of a high-touch recruiting model is in its ability to attract and develop passive candidates. This is important because you want to hire the top talent for your company. Passive candidates are not actively looking at job boards and will not likely know about your openings - though they might be very interested in taking a role at your company if they are made aware of the opportunity. If you are not reaching passive candidates, you are missing out on much of the top talent for your openings.


With Tailored Recruiting, BVA creates a customized workflow for each client, or even for each job opening. BVA works with the employer to develop a recruiting workflow that fits the employer's needs and budget. This model addresses recruiting both active and passive candidates.


We will then utilize our proprietary RightStart search initialization process to set your search up for success. The Tailored Recruiting model is only possible due to the executive recruiting background of BVA, the maturity of multiple job boards, the skills and domain expertise of BVA’s staff and advisors, and the powerful recruiting collaboration platform that has been developed with the guidance of BVA’s founder, Jerry Brown.

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